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Amazon: Seller Slice Breakdown of an Amazon Listing and Tips to Optimize your Amazon Listings in 2020

Breaking Down the Elements of an Amazon Listing

If you have been keeping up with Seller Slice “The Marketplace Agency” you know our last post covered the overall importance and structure of an Amazon listing. Today we are going to dive deeper into the details and actually break down the elements of an Amazon listing. You may be brand new to selling on the platform or just want to understand how to better optimize your listings and sell more! We got you covered and know this will be helpful.

The first thing we want to look at is your HSA, which stands for “Headline Search Ad”. You want to control your HSA space and not allow other brands to target your customers. Your HSA is used to:

  • Upsell other products
  • Highlight new products
  • Drive traffic to your Amazon store


Next, let’s look at your actual listing. The first thing you want to get right is your title. Remember 72% of shoppers are mobile and we live in a clickbait era. You want to make sure your title is structured with 90 characters or less, and full of researched key terms geared towards your mobile shopers.

Images + Videos:

Your images section is very important for mobile conversion, as we all know nobody likes to read just show your customers pictures and videos.

Make sure your images:

  • Are high-quality resolution
  • Easy to digest 
  • Highlight your USP

Videos are very important as people are very accustomed to watching videos on social media and we encourage brands to use influencers to create the videos for their listings. Watching a 1 – 30  second video is the equivalent of reading 8,000 words. Your listing video also helps your brand index better and boosts organic search. Don’t waste this section leverage it to sell your brand!

Feature Points: The feature points section is a very important piece of your listing, especially for SEO purposes. This section is mostly for desktop shoppers, also the feature point should be used if you have a product that fits a very specific purpose. For example car parts, medical/health products, or DIY installations. You get 5 spaces that should each be structured with a bold tag line, followed by a 250 character description.  This description area should be overflowing with key terms while maintaining a smooth flow for the reader. Really put yourself in the seat of the shopper, and think about the products FAQs, and information they will need to know about your product. Subscribe & Save: Subscribe and Save is a great added value to your loyal customers. Underneath subscribe and save you can also add coupons that help convert more sales. Not all products fit the subscribe and save method, but basically all consumable commodities should offer this service. From a business perspective thinks about how great of a feeling it is knowing that you have an ongoing income stream from x amount of loyal shoppers.  A+ Content: A+ content is mostly for the conversion of desktop shoppers and is best utilized to visually highlight your brand’s unique selling proposition.  What most brands fail to realize is having A+ content gives your brand a more complete look. Other platforms (ex. Walmart) and brick and mortar partners will review your Amazon listing before bringing you on as a seller. Product Details: The product details portion of your listing is very important. Again if you sell a DIY, medical, or a normally bulk ordered product the details are crucial. This portion of your listing helps with “filter shoppers,” and if your listing does not have this portion filled out completely we typically find there are some back end catalog issues(we can audit your catalog). The product details area is also where your ASIN, rank, and product category is displayed. Related Videos: The related videos section of your listing is attached to your product details, and this is an area you absolutely want to take advantage of. This section is free for you to upload as many videos showing off your product. We encourage our partners to repurpose social media content and leverage influencers to post videos in this section. Show your audience how to use your products, workarounds, and answers to FAQs about your product. We also recommend including video reviews of the product and again completing this section develops a best in class complete listing! Important Info: Another very important piece of your listing is the important information tab. This section is compiled of 5 components:
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Safety Warnings
  • Directions
  • Ingredients
  • Indicators
This section may be even more important if your products need special installation instructions, or has multiple uses that are not common knowledge. Missing information in this section is a red flag and often means your store’s back end is not built out completely. Please use this article to audit your Amazon listings or have one of our experts send you a video review of your listings. Normally we charge $500 for this feedback but if you stuck with us and read this whole article, tried to optimize your listings, and still need help. Reach out to us and reference this article for a free listing audit. -Gevon Wheeler
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