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Amazon: A Partnership with SellerSlice

If you’ve ever considered selling a product on Amazon, now is the best time in the history of the world to start your business. Although the idea can be daunting if you’ve never done it before, and possibly more daunting if you have. There are over 100 million products being sold on Amazon already,

and it is difficult to cut through and stand out. Convincing people to buy from you is another task in itself and requires a very specific understanding and skillset.

No worries, SellerSlice “The Marketplace Agency” has the thought leadership and track record of proven success to help your brand crush it on Amazon

SellerSlice offers a variety of helpful services from complete Amazon management, SEO management, and digital marketing strategy to drive your marketplace sales. When you choose to partner with SellerSlice, you get an experienced team dedicated to growing your business, powered by the expert thought leadership of Jordache Perozzo and Duke Kroll

During SellerSlice’s onboarding, your brand’s KPI’s and goals will be established. Then your business will be assigned a dedicated Brand Manager to execute your brand plan. As data comes pouring in, your brand manager will modify the plan and pivot and double down on what is delivering success. 

Your Content and Marketing Specialist will ensure potential buyers have no trouble finding your products, whether they’re shopping on their desktop or mobile device. The Marketing Specialist will work to ensure your ads are compelling and visible. While your Logistics Coordinator will take care of all your shipping and fulfillment needs. Your Logistics Coordinator will certify that any lost revenue gets reconciled so you never have to worry about the costly fees brands absorb learning the process.

SellerSlice puts your brand in a position to own 100% of your “buy box” by removing unauthorized sellers and recapturing market shares from those who list against you. SellerSlice’s marketing specialist plugs in the right keywords and ads to boost your brand’s traffic and conversion.

Your SellerSlice team will be sure to review your Brand Plan each quarter and guide your brand to earn a maximum return on your investment. If at any point, a part of your plan isn’t delivering desired results SellerSlice’s team will pivot to get back on track. SellerSlice organizes regular contact with your team, at a frequency that works with your schedule to review your week to week progress.


SellerSlice will also set your brand up with a custom dashboard, so you can monitor daily tasks and projects. You won’t ever have to worry about lost revenue or wonder what your team is doing for your brand. SellerSlice installs best in class tools to mine data, traffic reports, and optimize conversion.

To start, reach out to SellerSlice for an audit of your marketplace listings or book a call to rollout a launch strategy for brands new to the platform.

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