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“The Marketplace Agency” Duke and Jordache are the marketplace masterminds manipulating algorithms to make brands more money. Between these two, hundreds of millions of dollars of products have been sold. You can’t buy relationships, and Seller Slice has key connections inside of Amazon that help us help you.

Duke Kroll
Chief Executive Officer

“Just f*cking do it!”

Jordache Perozzo

“Keeping things directionally correct”

Duke Kroll

Duke is a leader in digital selling platform expertise. A forward-thinking leader with rare Amazon relationships, allowing him to think beyond the basic
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Jordache Perozzo

Jordache brings 23 years of experience in eCommerce, specializing in marketplace marketing, sales, and operations for premium brands.
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Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions.


Duke Has The Relationships

Duke has established relationships at Amazon with hundreds of employees ranging from Vice Presidents, to Marketplace Managers and Amazon Organization Leaders. We leverage these relationships to support our partners, get access to beta opportunities and ensure client success.

Marketing Expertise

Jordache Developed Amazon Marketing As We Know It

Jordache has been an integral part of the Amazon marketing ecosystem for 20 years. He has helped establish AMG, AMS and Sponsored products. With this insight he has built a proprietary marketing program at SellerSlice that delivers results for our partners.

Content Expertise

Duke Developed The Amazon Content Standards

Duke is an Amazon content expert and is responsible for the listings optimization standards that top agencies use today. The SellerSlice team leverages Duke’s background and knowledge to reach next level conversion rates for our partners.

The Proactive Approach

Private Consultants to Amazon

Both Duke & Jordache act as private consultants to Amazon on a regular basis. Always pushing the limits has led Amazon to request support, advice and insight as they build out new and exciting technology. SellerSlice is always involved in helping Amazon prosper and better serve consumers.

Proven Results

Results Driven and Focused

Duke & Jordache background illustrates a story of success and determination. That same drive is used to push SellerSlice partners to the next level. Focusing on the data, we are able to provide custom brands plans to our pearters that ensure they achieve their goals.

Digital Leadership

We are an Extension of Your Team

When partnering with SellerSlice not only do you get your own dedicated team, but you get access to Duke & Jordache. As the owners their mission is your success and they ensure your SellerSlice team reaches your goals and more.

Why We Started

We started SellerSlice because we saw other agencies taking advantage of brands that just didn’t comprehend how big of an opportunity Amazon is. SellerSlice launched genuinely to help as many brands transition into the future of commerce. At SellerSlice we bring our combined 50+ years of online selling experience, to help our partners navigate and grow through this golden time of digital change.

With SellerSlice we have proven success selling on different marketplaces, and there was no speculation about what we knew we could cultivate as an agency. We saw a huge void in the digital marketing agency world, and by functioning as an extension of our partners SellerSlice fills that void.


Now, you can bring Jordache Perozzo and Duke Kroll directly to your organization to provide business assessments, sales training solutions, digital marketing techniques, strategies, and business expansion ideas.

Whether you are planning an event or looking to take your organization to the next level, Jordache and Duke deliver results to those ready to take action.

Live and virtual speaking engagement inquiries can be made here directly on LinkedIn.

Where we are Going

The thought leadership driving SellerSlice, confidently makes decisions today with an understanding of where the digital marketplace is going.

The thought leadership powering SellerSlice stays agile and ahead of the cutting edge digital trends, while simultaneously navigating our partners into digital maturity.

Our team has the range to help launch a brands still in development, and services to optimize a brand that has been around for 100+ years into digital maturity.

Algorithms run the world, AI and deep learning will run your shopping habits, and SellerSlice will run your marketplaces!

– Jordache Perrozo

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