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Amazon: Amazon Breaks Ground on New Iowa Fulfillment Center – Creating 1,000 New Jobs

This past month on February 6th 2020, Amazon announced plans to build a fulfillment center in Bondurant Iowa. The company’s new 645,000 square-foot center will create 1,000 new jobs in the state of Iowa and is expected to open later this year. 

Amazon’s Iowa Fulfillment Center

At the new fulfillment center, employees will work alongside Amazon’s robots to sort and package some of the smaller items that Amazon sells. Books, electronics, and toys will all be carefully wrapped and sent off to their new homes. The center will open up many opportunities for Iowans, whether they choose to work at the facility or not.

Amazon’s minimum wage is far above the national average, with starting pay beginning at $15 an hour. Payment aside, the employee benefits definitely exceed expectations for an entry-level job. Amazon employees are also given full dental, vision, and medical coverage. The company offers 20 weeks of parental leave and a 401K as well, both of which are sure to help out new parents. Every one of these benefits starts from an employee’s very first day.

The benefits of this new fulfillment center aren’t limited only to Amazon employees, though. The center is expected to increase revenue in Bondurant. This should create something of a butterfly effect that spreads throughout Iowa, increasing the standard of living all across the state. Not only that, but the economic boost will allow cities like Des Moines to upgrade their infrastructure, and put money towards future public projects.

Even better, Amazon is investing $700 million into their employees across the country. 100,000 Amazon employees will be given upskill training for a variety of in-demand jobs. This will allow them to either move up in the company or seek out new career options. The possibilities are endless.

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