Amazon Management

Our Approach

Brands partner with us because they’re looking for innovative ways to push sales to the next level. At SellerSlice, we examine every one of your marketplace goals, create a strategy to achieve those goals and deliver desired results. What’s more, is we’re Amazon experts. Let us handle all aspects of your Amazon business so you can do what you do best; focus on your brand’s growth.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Our keyword research adequately engages your consumers with popular search words and phrases, while our infographics, A+ Content, product and brand videos all work toward building trust with your buyers. Our Amazon Store management also handles your brand’s review strategy and seller account.


Back End Optimization

Ditch the tedious and time-consuming nature of back end optimization. Let us handle your product data entry, keyword optimization, catalog structuring, and filter search optimization, which in turn saves you a pretty penny.


Amazon Logistics

Creating order in Amazon is straightforward, but there is an art to it. From shipment reconciliation to forecasting and shipment creation, brands risk losing out on free money and halting a thriving relationship with Amazon. At SellerSlice, we employ only the best strategies to keep the flywheel spinning.


Brand Control

Avoid the inventory nightmares of ineffective representation through unauthorized 3P sellers, price wars and counterfeit items. Ensure your brand’s integrity and let us take care of your seller identification, removal, monitoring, test orders, and gating approvals.


Catalog Management

Maintaining up-to-date product details can easily turn into a true balancing act. SellerSlice guarantees repaired catalog, proper structure, creation of new products, and product content writing.


Account Management

It’s easy to make mistakes when your brand is already handling an abundance of other mandatory aspects. Writing slip-ups, missing integral engagement with consumers, inventory accidents and more all happen on a daily basis. At SellerSlice our team takes care of customer service, support ticket administration, feedback monitoring and solicitation, inventory management, demand forecasting, and category approvals, all with meticulous detail.



Know the ins and outs of your consumer base with SellerSlice’s on-demand reporting. We’ll uncover your customer insights and use Amazon attribution so your brand can optimize media campaigns, your objective audience, and boost product sales.



Advertise in the holy grail of marketing with our sponsored ads and brands, Amazon attribution, display and retargeting, and video-in-search ads for the most engaging and unique consumer experience.