Keyword Research Technology

We combine industry-leading technology with expert keyword research to help boost your share of voice. By identifying consumer search trends, we’re able to properly align keywords that best support your products.

Long-tail Keywords

We use automation tools to identify niche keywords in consumer searches that align with your product.


We leverage insights and data to monitor and gauge product share of voice

Competitive Analysis

We use sophisticated technology to gain competitive insight into how we can outperform the competition.

Amazon is the online retail market’s most widely used search engine which is why keywords optimization is so instrumental in seller success. We harness sophisticated technology, SEO best practices and our deep understanding of Amazon’s A9 algorithm, to boost your Amazon search ranking and increase product visibility.

Experts of the A9 Algorithm

Amazon’s sophisticated A9 Algorithm, combines hundreds of elements to establish product search ranking. Our deep understanding of this program allows us to optimize the entire consumer journey in a way that most effectively boosts search rankings.

Product Listing Optimization

We leverage keyword research to craft effective titles and descriptions that increase relevancy and boost conversion.

Product Availability

We conduct thorough inventory planning to avoid products becoming out-of-stock and affecting search rankings

Meta Keywords

Hidden keywords are often neglected despite being instrumental in A9 search engine optimization


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