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Amazon: Amazon: The Ultimate Conversation Starter to Grow Your Sales

Amazon: The Ultimate Conversation Starter to Grow Your Sales

So, your crushing it on Amazon and your looking to expand your reach off the platform. Great! Why would you settle for Amazon only sales there are so many other opportunities out there? If you have built a solid sales process on Amazon and are reaping the benefits, then leverage that right now and take your brand to the next level. Many of our partners have built successful businesses off of Amazon by leveraging the data, their branding and reputation. Here are some strategies to ensure you achieve the same level of success.

Leveraging Amazon Data and Performance

Amazon provides valuable data you can use to highlight your success. This data creates a conversation piece. A distributor or retail chain may not know your name and they may not be interested, but data can sway them easily. Twin Peaks Ingredients, a SellerSlice partner and number 1 seller of Protein Puffs on Amazon, did not receive much in the way of interest as they started branching out from Amazon, but they had the data to force conversations. They were able to highlight their conversion rates, sell through and customer reviews to get access to some of the top distributors, retail chains and online marketplaces. They are now in WinCo, Walmart, Europa and many other larger retailers due to their initial success on Amazon. If they did not have the data, they may have never been able to have these larger conversations that grew their overall reach as a brand.

How and Where to Start Branching Out

Start small but start as many conversations as possible. You are only limited by how hard you push to achieve your goal. Use your own network, but also work to grow your network as well. This can be done via LinkedIn, email, or just pick up the phone and call people. Either way, do your best to get as many conversations started to ensure you’re doing your part as a brand owner. Some key things to consider before starting your aggressive outreach:

  1. What information do you have to share and what does your value add to your new potential partner?
  2. Do you have some sort of brand book, or pitch deck highlighting what makes you awesome and the successes you have seen on Amazon?
  3. What is your pricing like? Do you have stable pricing online and are you offering competitive pricing to the potential partner?

There are many more things to consider, but these are crucial. You need to ensure that when reaching out you are adding value and that the rep you are speaking with can clearly see that value.

It is also important that these initial conversations are held with smaller distributors and retail chains. This is your testing ground. Do you truly have a great value proposition and are you actually proving value to these potential partners? You should be looking for their feedback and insight to modify your pitch. It is crucial that your pitch, value add, and branding are spot on before you approach larger partner. If you successfully use this as a testing ground, then you will have the confidence and the fire power to approach the BIG DOGS in your industry.

Price Integrity and The Awesome Retail Opportunities It Provides

Historically, Amazon and other online marketplaces have been some of the most difficult sales channels to control pricing. Major distributors not enforcing MAP policies and rogue sellers butchering price strategies have been a constant. Thankfully, there are many agencies that support and enforce pricing for their clients. This has definitely created a more level playing field and has actually helped retail chains grow sales. By controlling online pricing brick and mortar chains have been given the opportunity to be competitive either by lowering their prices or keeping the same price as online. This makes your traditional stores more likely to pick up the product and push forward. For Twin Peaks Ingredients, this was crucial. Having their pricing in check on Walmart, Amazon, eBay and their own site they were able to work deals with giant chains like WinCo because they were able to compete with online stores like Amazon. You too can have the same success if you ensure a successful pricing strategy for your brand.

Brand Representation and Digital Presence

It is no secret that the majority of consumer research takes place on Amazon. That is why it is crucial to your success that you ensure that you are represented effectively and driving sales. Every single distributor, retail chain and mom & pop is looking at your Amazon store front to make their partnership decisions. Here are the key factors that they look at and you need to ensure are in place before your start branching out of Amazon:

  • Do I have badass content that not only converts consumers, but adds value to potential partners?
  • How am I getting reviews? What is my review strategy and how do I highlight that to new vendors?
  • Can I show consistent pricings, or do I have rogue sellers popping up all over the place that not only sku data, but limit my potential?
  • Do I have a wholistic brand presence not only on Amazon, but on eBay, Jet, Walmart and my own site?

If you have successfully executed the above you are in a potion to leverage Amazon, grow your distribution channels and access more retailers. This should be the game plan and will lead to your ultimate success.

All of our partners are benefitting from having their Amazon and other ecom channels under control. As Ryan McCoy, Vice President of Sales at Twin Peaks Ingredients puts it, “Our success on amazon has given us the confidence to approach the brick and mortar retail markets.  It has also given us over 1,000 consumer reviews and a digital presence that buyers can research to help make purchasing decisions for their retail sets.” They have seen nothing but extreme growth both on and off Amazon since partnering with SellerSlice. If you are looking to achieve the same goals, we are here to help and can ensure your success as well.

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