Author: Jordache Perozzo

So, You Have Amazon Mastered, Right? What About Walmart?

Amazon accounts for more than half of all online sales and it should be your most important online sales channel. However, you should not be ignoring other prominent sales channels like, eBay, Home Depot. etc. Walmart alone saw a 43% growth in sales in 2019 and that trend is not slowing. They are fighting for second place with the likes of eBay. What are you doing as a brand owner to capitalize on the opportunity that is Walmart? If you’re doing nothing, then you are already failing. If you have built a successful Amazon strategy the next logical move for your US online sales strategy should be to drive For many brands this is unknown territory and excuses are being made as to why they are remaining sedentary and not pushing the envelope. Let’s debunk this shit!

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Do you know the history of Amazon Prime…?

In the beginning, there were a few issues. Sometimes depending on when you ordered, two-day shipping might not actually mean two-day shipping. Order on a Monday then you were most likely good, but order on a Thursday, and you’ll have to wait the whole weekend to get your order.

The other major problem with Prime was that the costs of shipping for Amazon were rising to the point that Prime was losing the company money. Amazon began tweaking the program in 2006 to make it work better for companies and consumers alike. The addition of add-on purchases and Prime Standard Shipping helped to curb the loss of money. Though the cost of shipping had greatly increased for the company, the rising popularity of Amazon Prime made it possible to expand the number of fulfillment centers Amazon had and is still building across the US.

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A Partnership with SellerSlice

SellerSlice puts your brand in a position to own 100% of your “buy box” by removing unauthorized sellers and recapturing market shares from those who list against you. SellerSlice’s marketing specialist plugs in the right keywords and ads to boost your brand’s traffic and conversion.

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Coronavirus closed Amazon and is Affecting your Amazon Communications – SellerSlice Helpdesk can help!

SellerSlice “the marketplace agency” is leaning on it’s internal Amazon connections to maintain business as usual for its clients. They are offering their Helpdesk service to brands and sellers who are experiencing issues and lack of communication through this crazy time. If your brand is having trouble with communicating or overall maintenance with your Amazon account, SellerSlice Helpdesk can help you!

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How to Structure Your Amazon Listings in 2020

Picture this, your listing is your product on Amazon’s digital shelf. The reviews are a book of
other people’s opinions of your product hanging from a wire like a phone book in a phone booth.
Does your listing tell the complete story of your product and brand? A bad first impression most
of the time means a customer lost forever.

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