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ADJ Group of Companies


As a global manufacturer of entertainment lighting, LED video, audio, and atmospheric effects equipment, ADJ Group of Companies has been a leader and pioneer in the live performance industry for 35 years with 10+ brands. Their wide range of products have illuminated and amplified some of the top events, productions, concert venues, tours, and festivals featured around the world. Whether an event needs moving head luminaries, strobes, beam effects, or fog generators to bring the crowd to its feet, the ADJ family of brands has an expansive catalog of reliable products for every type of venue on the spectrum―be it small or large―including nightclubs, lounges, casinos, and mega-churches. ADJ products have even found their way into trampoline parks, roller rinks, and the International Children’s Games. Their portfolio of market leading lighting and audio solutions has been a staple for both the audio-visual lighting (AVL) rental and installation markets for years.

It’s subsidiary company, Geeni, has
introduced a line of smart home technology
products that already have millions of users.

Geeni also has a highly rated user app with dedicated support for making things simple while “living smart.” Poised for further expansion in its new electronic product line, Geeni developed a smart gaming headset―which they aptly named the Phenom―to begin its initial penetration of the lucrative gaming accessories market. Faced with stiff competition by established players, Geeni wanted to have a highly successful launch of its first product in this dynamic category to quickly capture sales and momentum.


With hundreds of specialized visual and audio products available in their Amazon Marketplace catalog, ADJ was not achieving the level of sales and growth that would be expected for a recognized brand with an established reputation spanning decades into several markets.

Growth for this digital channel was seriously plateauing and needed an immediate boost. Prior to partnering with SellerSlice, ADJ lacked a significant content and marketing strategy to drive targeted product sales on Amazon’s marketplace in a coherent and highly orchestrated manner. Their catalog was scattered, lacked crucial content and important information necessary to optimize listings for conversion. 

There was also a minimal marketing spend for acquiring new customers that relied solely on Amazon sponsored ads that did not perform as effectively as they could. ADJ really wanted to become more attuned to the tremendous selling opportunity that was waiting for them in the Amazon space.

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

SellerSlice immediately went to work for ADJ by implementing a new content strategy for this channel that quickly increased conversion on Amazon by 11%. The strategy employed several tactics including optimizing product copy for search engines and publishing top-notch content featuring videos and eyecatching infographics related to ADJ’s many niche offerings in the catalog. The updated imagery, sales copy, and A+ Content provided important information to customers while at the same time further optimized ADJ’s specialty products for conversion in its categories. “We are so happy to now be making serious inroads on Amazon with the content expertise of SellerSlice,” said Brad Reid, Key Account Manager for ADJ for over 25 years, “It’s truly exciting to see this level of growth and the new strategies driving it.” Another area of focus to improve ADJ’s sales on Amazon was to revamp and completely streamline the entire consumer shopping experience by substantially reorganizing ADJ’s catalog, Amazon store, and product listings which have the greatest impact on sales.

Changes were also implemented to make it easier to navigate menus so a customer can find exactly what they want in a more user-friendly and logical manner. New groups and subgroups of products were created as needed for the ease of drilling down. 

Additional marketing was also strategized and executed by SellerSlice to drive brand awareness and ultimately acquire new customers. These included headline search ads and video in search. The average cost of sale for these have been kept under 15% throughout all campaigns.


Within a short period of time, ADJ experienced an immediate sales jolt resulting from the content and marketing strategies executed. During the first three months there was an average growth in sales of 8% per month. After 60 days, it was up to 12%. Before SellerSlice entered the picture, ADJ was experiencing a -3% average monthly growth during the same period in 2019. Duke Kroll, Chief Executive Officer of SellerSlice, said “We are absolutely exhilarated that ADJ is taking advantage of the enormous opportunity to grow their business on Amazon. Their continuing success in that digital space has now led us to tackling and growing the Walmart marketplace for them too.”


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