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Artisana Organics


Artisana’s Cashew Butter is part of a growing line of nutritious nut butters, coconut oils and nut butter blends that use simple and pure ingredients to produce products that fuel our bodies and provide clean, raw energy helping us to live our best lives.


Overshadowed by an abundance of nut butters available on the market Artisana Organics struggled to expand product awareness which ultimately led to a lack in sales and growth. 

With the product sitting they knew it was time to make a change, which is where Reactifi comes in.

“When I started my first ecommerce business I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information and tasks that needed to be mastered. Seller Slice has been a great ally that has allowed me the freedom to focus on product creation, while leaving the sales and marketing to the experts”
– Maurice Mejia, Owner/Founder

The Reactifi Impact​

Reactifi partnered with a Social Media Influencer and built a simple campaign to help Artisana increase their Cashew Nut Butter sales and drive awareness. The influencer was given Artisana’s Cashew Nut Butter, and in turn created a short video that highlighted the product within a pastry recipe. The influencer then posted the video, with no paid ads, to their Twitter, Instagram, and personal blog platform.


The results of Aritsana’s Reactifi Influencer Campaign were astounding. Social Key Performance Indicators support a 21% increase in conversion rates which in turn lead to a whopping 51% increase in sales. Reaching over 4,226 people and converting traffic directly to the product listing increased their Amazon ranking and put them in the #1 spot where they remained until they sold out of product. Word of mouth is powerful, and with Reactifi you can harness this power and see dramatic results in not only sales growth, but loyal returning customers.


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