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Beautify Beauties


Beautify Beauties offers an extensive line of beauty and personal care products including the popular Flairosol Hair Mist Spray Bottle and Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror. Their Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner, the product used in this campaign, uses fast spinning force to clean your makeup brushes and offers a variety of attachment holders to fit most brush sizes.


Beautify Beauties unique Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner sat in the dark corners of Amazon, receiving little attention ranking 244,000 in the Beauty and Personal Care Category and 322 in the Brush Cleaner Category. 

With a desire to boost their ranking, Beautify Beauties reached out to SellerSlice for a solution.

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

When Beautify Beauties reached out to SellerSlice, we suggested a strategic Influencer Campaign for their unique product with an ultimate goal to boost Amazon Rankings and bring them to the forefront of beauty care products. Partnering with two established beauty influencers, we set a plan in place to help Beautify Beauties reach their goal. The influencers both created video content utilizing the Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner within a tutorial, posting these tutorials to their personal social media platforms.


Together with SellerSlice unique Social Campaigning Strategies and influencer tutorial video posts, Beautify Beauties product received over 11,000 targeted views and made over 330,000 impressions. They watched their Amazon product rank improve from 244,000+ in the Beauty and Personal Care Category to 5,713 in the same category and from 322 in the Brush Cleaner Category to 17. Not only did Beautify Beauties reach their goal to boost ranking, but as a direct result of Reacifi’s Influencer Campaign they elevated their product sales by 2000%! By harnessing the impact of Influencer Content and utilizing it to direct traffic directly to Amazon listings, you too can boost sales and increase your product category ranking just like Beautify Beauties.


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