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Seattle-Based Firm Achieves Record Sales of Inventory After Executing Digital Marketing Strategy with Viral Coupon Offering

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On any given day over a million children travel in a Diono car seat. For 20+ years, Diono, based in Seattle, Washington has been at the forefront of product innovation and child safety designing car seats, strollers, baby carriers, and accessories for family travel and adventures. Diono’s story is “Made of Seattle”― a city like no other―where creative minds and innovators rub shoulders within a landscape of adventure; a place, where being “a little different” is the everyday norm. This philosophy combined with a love for design, creativity, and an intimate understanding of modern parenting forms the bedrock for Diono’s popular products that let babies, toddlers, and kids safely celebrate the joy of every journey with their parents around the globe.
Diono currently holds over 70 patents for its innovative family travel products in the United States, Canada, and Europe. These products designed and engineered by Diono include its widely popular convertible and booster seats that come in several brands such as Radian and Monterey all inspired by Seattle and the northwest. Diono also produces a range of accessories for these flagship brands.


Diono was looking to enhance its online presence and digital marketing strategy to increase its traffic and conversions for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.
After connecting with SellerSlice and its principal founders, who are former marketing and content executives of Amazon, they decided to jump right in and let SellerSlice begin the process of formulating an online strategy while optimizing its flagship product listings in the Amazon Marketplace to increase traffic and enhance conversions during the November promotional week.
“With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice

The SellerSlice Impact

SellerSlice was extremely excited to work with such an innovative company as Diono that had its roots in Seattle just like Amazon. Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice and former Amazon content executive, said “Diono produces some of the best in-class convertible and booster seats in the world,” he further added, “With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
To make this a reality for Diono, SellerSlice formulated a full digital marketing strategy that included an online coupon offering to drive traffic to its listings in a highly competitive category. This was further enhanced by optimizing Diono’s product listings using SellerSlice’s proprietary method for textual and visual elements. Product detail pages were thoroughly re-engineered working with the creative and marketing team at Diono to make them more informative through the use of key words, descriptions, and eye-catching visual assets that convey critical data about the products. The listings were organized in a well-tested manner to streamline the overall consumer shopping experience resulting in a higher conversion rate. Also, the metadata for product listings were appropriately adjusted to contribute to optimal search results in Amazon’s comprehensive and highly competitive catalog.


After SellerSlice implemented the marketing strategy, coupon offering, and product listing optimization for Diono there were significant results. One of Diono’s main convertible car seats ―the Radian 3RXT Convertible All in One Car Seat―which normally ranked 9th in the highly competitive “Convertible Child Safety Car Seats” category skyrocketed to number 2 as a result of the effort. Also, during the promotional period, four additional All in One Diono convertible car seats ranked in the top 10 as well. Diono also went viral on Slick Deals where it ranked as the number 1 deal on the platform.
Consequently, Diono rapidly sold through 60 days of inventory on three different product types during the one-week promotion specifically targeting Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Sales could have been even higher had the inventory not been depleted so quickly as a result of the marketing strategy and listing optimization executed by SellerSlice.
The difference in sales between 2020 and 2019 were phenomenal. Sales on Cyber Monday increased by 74% in 2019. Black Friday Sales in 2020 were more than double what they were in 2019. The entire promotional week resulted in a 211% increase in sales over 2020. Diono CEO Tim Maule commented, “Diono is thrilled with the performance in the whole month of November, especially seeing the Diono 3RXT ranked as the number 2 convertible car seat on Amazon. We are looking forward to working with SellerSlice to again improve on this in 2021, and across our global markets.”


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