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Smart Home Technology Innovator Experiences a 62% Increase in Revenues from Sales in the Amazon Marketplace

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Geeni, a subsidiary of Merkury Innovations, is a leader in developing affordable smart home technology. The company prides itself on following the trends of innovative electronic accessories and tech with the purpose of bringing peace of mind, safety, and security to the homes of its customers who are “living smart.”
While smart home technology can seem intimidating, Geeni works hard to make it simple. To help achieve the goal of smart home living for its customers, Geeni has developed many products and devices that seamlessly integrate within one home. These include security cameras; baby monitors; smart lighting, lightbulbs, timers, and plugs along with sensors for doors and windows as well as water leak detectors. They also produce video doorbells, smart air purification systems, fitness products, and gaming accessories including the popular Phenom headset.
Many of these devices are effortlessly controlled through Geeni’s friendly smart home app with millions of users worldwide. Geeni provides dedicated support 7 days a week to its customers while always keeping ahead of the technology curve without compromising taste and design for its innovative products and devices


Geeni wished to increase its brand impressions and sales of its smart product lines by achieving further penetration into the expansive digital online market, especially the complicated and vast Amazon Marketplace which has many hurdles that need to be overcome to get the desired results. After working with several agencies, Geeni ultimately decided to partner with SellerSlice upon completion of a highly successful test launch of their new smart baby monitor on Amazon. Geeni was extremely pleased with SellerSlice’s unique approach that had been developed and refined by former Amazon marketing and content executives who lead the agency.
Because results speak for themselves, SellerSlice’s targeted work for Geeni has taken them through several critical launches of different product lines including gaming and home fitness. Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice and former Amazon executive, said, “It’s been a very exciting partnership working with the talented people at Geeni, especially watching them significantly grow their business on Amazon with the help of our strategy and proprietary execution. As a result, we are extremely pleased that Geeni has been able to put their exceptional smart products in the homes of many more consumers.”
“With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice

The SellerSlice Impact

SellerSlice designed a full strategic solution and online marketing campaign to enable Geeni to reach new levels of penetration for its growing product lines and individual launches in the Amazon Marketplace. Execution of this strategy included developing best in class A+ Content. Amazon’s A+ Content feature enables brand owners, such as Geeni, to change the product descriptions of branded Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Using this powerful tool, it is possible to describe important product features in a robust way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Through this tool, SellerSlice was able to effectively optimize Geeni’s copy and product detail pages which, if done masterfully, can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales.
Additionally, SellerSlice implemented an ad strategy that successfully captured new customers for Geeni while also providing introductions and access to highly exclusive and unique Amazon beta programs to further increase sales. These beta programs are not generally available to most sellers. SellerSlice also deployed a successful coupon calendar and strategy to increase Geeni’s reach and garner new sales of products in Amazon’s Marketplace that included several highly competitive categories.


So far SellerSlice has successfully launched multiple new products for Geeni―5 of which are top 10 sellers in their respective categories in Amazon’s expansive catalog. New brands, including the Phenom smart gaming headset and Mercury Fitness, have also been launched with a surge of continuing sales and expansion of Geeni’s customer base. In fact, the ad strategy implemented by SellerSlice that captured new customers provided a solid return for the spend. Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)―which is Amazon’s metric for measuring the efficiency of an advertising campaign―was kept under 25%.
Overall, SellerSlice implemented a strategy for Geeni that achieved best sales days in the entire history of Geeni selling products on Amazon. In 2020, Prime Day resulted were 500% greater in sales as compared to 2019. Black Friday sales doubled as compared to 2019 and Cyber Monday tripled over the prior year. SellerSlice’s work has also resulted in an overall increase in revenue for Geeni of 62% during the entire period of this successful partnership.


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