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Ideal Infusion


Ideal Infusion has been producing premium supplements so men and women of all ages can find the balance they need to live a healthy life. Combining sustainable sourced ingredients – commonly used in Eastern medicines – with applied Western science, Ideal Infusion contin- ues to bring cutting edge health products to market to support a modern healthy lifestyle.


Doing Amazon right can be a difficult maze to navigate for both seasoned and amateur brands. Seller Slice partner, Ideal Infusion, is a health supplement brand dedicated to pushing human longevity to the limit, and were seeking a simple solution to consolidate all of their Amazon needs.
Managing all of Amazon’s moving pieces: marketplace control, content development, digital marketing, promotions and logistical support, can be time consuming, expensive, and overwhelming.
When Ideal Infusion approached Seller Slice, the goal was simple: manage all things Amazon and grow our footprint in the marketplace.
“When I started my first ecommerce business I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information and tasks that needed to be mastered. Seller Slice has been a great ally that has allowed me the freedom to focus on product creation, while leaving the sales and marketing to the experts”
– Maurice Mejia, Owner/Founder

The SellerSlice Impact

The roadmap to success can seem daunting, but with the right guide, results can be found quickly. We began by refining product listing content to increase conversions on both mobile and desktop platforms. Not only does this increase conversion rates, but it also takes advantage of Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which in turn increases organic traffic and search visibility amongst related shopper search terms. After improving Ideal Infusion’s listing content, our marketing team began restructuring the entirety of Ideal Infusion’s digital marketing on Amazon. A more holistic approach was created to target touch points along each step of the customer journey, rather than simply targeting obvious search terms related to the product.


Navigating the jungle of Amazon is what we do best. Once Ideal Infusion’s optimized listing content was published, it took less than two weeks to 4x the average daily units sold. Within the first week of implementing new marketing campaigns, Ideal Infusion’s daily sales increased by 300%. Seller Slice’s proprietary automated bidding tools guarantee partners controlled spending, a greater return on ad spend, as well as ease-of-mind that all their marketing needs are managed and accounted for. By catering consumer-oriented landing pages designed to convert and increasing traffic to those pages, we were able to guide Ideal Infusion towards a greater presence on the Amazon marketplace by earning them the highly coveted Amazon Choice badge in only three weeks.


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