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Kraft Heinz


Kraft Heinz is the third-largest North American food and beverage company in annual sales. In 2017, Kraft Heinz reported earnings of $11 billion. They are responsible for household names such as Planters, Grey Poupon, Oscar Mayer, and Kool-Aid. Their eCommerce products range from coffee to gelatin to frozen dinners.

It’s subsidiary company, Geeni, has
introduced a line of smart home technology
products that already have millions of users.

Geeni also has a highly rated user app with dedicated support for making things simple while “living smart.” Poised for further expansion in its new electronic product line, Geeni developed a smart gaming headset―which they aptly named the Phenom―to begin its initial penetration of the lucrative gaming accessories market. Faced with stiff competition by established players, Geeni wanted to have a highly successful launch of its first product in this dynamic category to quickly capture sales and momentum.


Kraft Heinz currently has over 6,900 products listed on Amazon from more than 200 brands. 

However, a catalog of that size quickly became disorganized, resulting in millions of dollars lost to chargebacks. 

Their back end data and front end presence desperately needed reworking to fix ongoing issues and to make the most of their sales.

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

When Kraft Heinz partnered with us, we identified the critical issues in their catalog then began to tackle the problems. Most importantly, we fixed the back end data for over 6900 products, such as case packs, purchase price, seller sku, product ID, and vendor code. We also went to work on optimizing their customer-facing listings with new content like titles, features, descriptions, and infographics. It wasn’t long before the effects became noticeable.

Our tactics increased Kraft Heinz’s back end data score from 32% to 98% and we drastically reduced their chargeback. On the back end, we removed all duplicate products and corrected all vendor code issues for a cleaner catalog and smoother operations.

 Due to our work, they finally have a catalog that gives a clear picture of every product being sold.


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