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MaeMae Jewelry


MaeMae Jewelry with its brick-and-mortar headquarters situated in the artsy and historic Atwater Village of Los Angeles, California, designs and manufactures affordable, high-quality, heartfelt jewelry. Each piece is handmade with loving intention and comes with an inspiring and affirming message card. This female-founded company was created with a simple mission at its heart: helping people love and accept themselves along with their feelings.
Its founders, Rheena Mae Bartolome and Heidi Linnebach, named their brand and company after the Chinese word MaeMae―a nickname for “little sister” in Chinese. Both Rheena and Heidi, each a little sister in their respective families, have inspired and designed bestselling jewelry pieces that include a Seven Chakras Lariat, Traveler’s Stone, and a Super Good Luck bracelet among their many empowering creations.
MaeMae Jewelry sells its merchandise direct, wholesale, and through several online channels including their own website and Amazon’s Marketplace.


While selling their jewelry online in Amazon’s Marketplace, MaeMae Jewelry experienced a glitch that resulted in their account being suspended. For 45 days, they tried unsuccessfully to get their account reinstated using another agency. Finally, MaeMae Jewelry reached out to SellerSlice for some help with this nettlesome issue. After meeting with MaeMae Jewelry and getting the details, SellerSlice was able to get the account reinstated by Amazon within 24 hours.
This quick success resulted in a larger discussion about how SellerSlice could assist MaeMae Jewelry with their overall digital marketing strategy and execution within the Amazon Marketplace to increase traffic and sales for their beautiful creations. MaeMae jewelry was intrigued by the plan that SellerSlice presented and asked them to get started immediately.
“With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice

The SellerSlice Impact

Now that their account had been reinstated, SellerSlice was excited to implement the marketing strategy and execute its proprietary listing optimization to ultimately increase sales and revenue to make up for the lost 45 days and beyond. For starters, SellerSlice introduced a new, robust marketing strategy to drive sales and acquire new customers more cost effectively than MaeMae Jewelry had been previously doing.
This strategy also included getting MaeMae Jewelry access to exclusive Amazon beta programs, not normally available to most sellers, to drive increased sales quickly. Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice and former Amazon content executive said, “We really wanted to help drive MaeMae Jewelry’s sales up from where they had been, especially after they experienced such a frustrating gap in sales for a month and a half.”
To further increase traffic and conversions, SellerSlice proceeded to optimize the quality and content of the copy for MaeMae Jewelry’s listings and critical product descriptions to include the most informative key words to attract customers to MaeMae Jewelry’s merchandise in Amazon’s vast catalog. Part of this procedure involved developing and testing A+ content including infographics and other visual assets to create a best-in-class shopping experience for customers resulting in higher levels of conversions, especially when launching MaeMae Jewelry’s newest creations on Amazon. Moreover, metadata for product listings were methodically adjusted to contribute to optimal search results in Amazon’s comprehensive catalog and extremely competitive jewelry catalog.


After SellerSlice executed the marketing strategy and optimization for MaeMae Jewelry’s product listings, there were significant results. Traffic to the product listings increased by 156% while orders increased by a whopping 166%. Due to the proprietary optimization of the listings, the customer conversion rate more than tripled from 5% to 16%. For the month of December, sales reached $29K which was the equivalent of 6 months of sales in just a single month. Prior to working with SellerSlice, MaeMae Jewelry’s best previous month for sales was 11K.
Given the enormous results for the month of December, MaeMae Jewelry is looking forward to working further with SellerSlice to launch more of its unique jewelry pieces and gift items in the Amazon Marketplace during the coming year.


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