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Driving Sales By Nearly 3X in the Amazon Marketplace for Precision Vibration Technology That Accelerates Fitness and Performance

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Power Plate


Power Plate, headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, is a global leader in accelerated health and fitness vibration technology. The organization designs and manufactures advanced technology solutions for the body that targets training and therapy. 

Whole body vibration was first used by cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. In a similar manner, Power Plate devices help users feel better by stimulating natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation. Its patented vibration technology delivers accelerated health, fitness, and wellness results with little to no impact on the body.

Using best-in-class technology, Power Plate has developed an entire line of vibration-based products that have received medical accreditations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Medical Devices Directive (MDD). Power Plate devices are also accredited in over 120 countries spanning the genres of fitness, health, anti-aging, rehabilitation, and high performance. 

Today, Power Plate continues developing its technology to create products and training programs for professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios, and individuals around the world.


Power Plate wanted to increase its sales of whole-body and targeted vibration products in the largest online marketplace in the world—Amazon. They wanted to better target their message—prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker—to effectively reach their potential customer base, making their vibrating platform products the most visible and attractive in the Amazon catalog.

To effectively do so, Power Plate partnered with SellerSlice, a full-service Amazon agency in Seattle, to get the job done right. “We were very eager to get underway with optimizing their incredible product line for Amazon shoppers,” said Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice and former Amazon marketing executive. “Their phenomenal products for acceleration training and wellness were ripe for gaining further attention as well as an immediate increase in sales.”

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

Starting in August 2021, SellerSlice began using its proprietary process to perform backend search term updates. This was done to make it easier for potential customers to find Power Plate products in Amazon’s expansive catalog using competitive keywords.

Additionally, SellerSlice focused efforts on optimizing several ad campaigns that dominated key category terms to drive traffic directly to Power Plate products in the Amazon marketplace. To increase conversions, SellerSlice also optimized Power Plate product listings with top-notch copy, key words, and other persuasive content including infographics.

Along with these optimizations, SellerSlice introduced several other promotional strategies designed to increase conversion rates as well as average order value (AOV). One promotional tactic successfully used by Power Plate was Buy One, Get One (BOGO). This significantly increased AOV and sales of the Power Plate Mini+—an ultracompact, whisper-quiet portable handheld massager.


SellerSlice also assisted Power Plate by enabling Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) inventory as a backup to the more commonly used method—Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). While all these options enable Amazon sellers to get their orders to customers’ doors, FBA has become less effective in recent times due to COVID-19 and supply chain issues.


Since working with SellerSlice, Power Plate has experienced nearly a 3X in sales from October 2021 ($15,634) to December 2021 ($41,344) within the Amazon marketplace. From August 2021 to December 2021, Power Plate did over $150,000 in sales of its products.
Furthermore, by implementing SellerSlice’s marketing practices, Power Plate was able to 2X another major competitor in sales in the Amazon marketplace for November and December of 2021. “We were extremely pleased with the sales increases and account growth we were able to achieve in such a short period of time for Power Plate,” said Duke Kroll. “We’re absolutely looking forward to driving further growth for them throughout 2022 and beyond.”


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