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Reed’s and Virgil’s


Reed’s Inc. is a producer of all-natural premium craft sodas, including Reed’s Ginger Brands and Virgil’s Handcrafted sodas. In 1987, after researching century-old soft drink recipes, Chris Reed―the company’s founder and namesake―perfected the art of home-brewing using whole roots, spices, and fruit juices. These early experiments in soda making ultimately rippled into the very first commercial enterprise producing brewed sodas in the world.
Now as a publicly traded company with a portfolio of products being sold in over 35,000 retail stores in the United States, Reed’s recently streamlined its product line from over 100 stock keeping units (SKUs) to approximately 40 focusing almost exclusively on the excitement and fizz of Reed’s and Virgil’s soda lines. These lines include Reed’s Ginger Beer, Reed’s Real Ginger Ale, Reed’s Wellness Shots and Reed’s Craft Ginger Candies. Their ginger beverages are all-natural and are made with Fresh Ginger. They are marketed by the intensity of the ginger taste and come in both original and a proprietary Zero Sugar blend. The Zero Sugar concept has also been successfully extended to popular Virgil’s flavors such as Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Cola, and Black Cherry Cream.


While both Reed’s and Virgil’s have a well-established niche in specialty gourmet, natural food, retail stores, and restaurants; they wanted to expand their market share and channels beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar realm that the business was originally built on.
They knew the first step in this direction was to establish a real online presence where Reed’s and Virgil’s could directly delivery to consumers. They had dabbled with Amazon in the past, but turned to SellerSlice to as their marketing arm to get the channel up set up foundationally on; Key support included- account management, optimization of listings, pricing and supply chain.
“With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice

The SellerSlice Impact

SellerSlice was thrilled to have the opportunity to provide foundational support while eff ectively placing and optimizing Reed’s and Virgil’s product lines in the Amazon Marketplace to increase its presence and sales. Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice and former Amazon content executive, said “This is the perfect time for Amazon customers to be introduced to these award-winning beverage brands that have already gained an enormous following in other retail markets,” he further added, “These high-quality craft sodas have all the ingredients to attract consumers already familiar with the brand and to establish new fans as well.”
Without any major structure in place, Reed’s and Virgil’s only had a bare bones presence on Amazon that was not getting the results desired. So, SellerSlice quickly moved to develop a detailed foundation and highly actionable plan to establish Reed’s and Virgil’s as real players in the ultra-competitive Soda Soft Drinks category on Amazon.
The first phase of this plan was to provide a robust ecommerce structure that focused on driving brand awareness of Reed’s Real Ginger Ale and Virgil’s Zero Sugar soda lines. SellerSlice worked diligently to prepare these brands for a new online presence by developing and overhauling the content of their product listings on Amazon to fully optimize for search and conversion along with developing images and artwork that were “relevant” and “right” for the brand.
Titles and detail pages for products were designed to pop by adding visual assets and infographics designed to be informative and streamline the consumer shopping experience. Text placement included well researched keywords to attract new consumers of crafted sodas and ginger beer. Metadata was adjusted properly to correctly optimize and position Reed’s and Virgil’s in Amazon’s massive catalog for ease of searching.
Another focal point for propelling Reed’s and Virgil’s brands on Amazon was to adjust the price point of these products to be more competitive in the Soda Soft Drinks category. SellerSlice also advised Reed’s on some important supply chain issues to make sure they would be able to keep up with demand for increased product sales online.
With the machine set up, Seller Slice also recommended some key marketing tactics to drive awareness and traffic. With Beta testing, the team is constantly looking to optimize ROI. They also support Reed’s Ecommerce manager ongoing on account management.


After three months of executing the new strategy and launching multiple new products in the Amazon Marketplace, Reed’s and Virgil’s had their first real taste of success online. By optimizing listings for conversion, controlling price, and further driving brand awareness, Real Ginger Ale―a top product―had $24,000 in sales while Zero Sugar Soda experienced sales topping $60,000 with a healthy conversion rate of 26%.
Overall, the well-designed product detail pages in the Amazon Marketplace did an excellent job providing sound conversions and sales. In just under 90 days, there was over $100,000 in combined monthly sales for these optimized products. Zero Sugar Soda ranked in the top 10 of the Soda Soft Drinks category and Reed’s ginger ale products organically ranked at page one on Amazon for all highly competitive search terms for ginger ale and ginger beer. During this time, Reed’s also had a corresponding increase in its stock price too.


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