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Making a Women’s Supportive Wear Brand a Household Name on Amazon

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Shapermint, founded in 2017 by Massimiliano Tirochii and Lucas Vera, is in the business of empowering women by providing both confidence and beauty. This distinctive California brand specializes in designing women’s supportive wear brands for all dress sizes. 

Over the years, Shapermint has amassed 1.5+ million first-time customers and an inclusive community of 5 million members. The brand is changing the conversation about what it means to wear body-positive and confidence-inspiring shapewear—all while providing a stress-free shopping experience for women who want to live life to the fullest and celebrate their curves. Product lines include best-selling bras, underwear, and leggings along with tanks and camis. 

Shapermint sells its products through multiple online channels including its website and the Amazon marketplace.


After relying primarily on organic traffic in Amazon’s vast marketplace, Shapermint wanted to increase traffic to its product line and store on the Amazon platform. In late 2020, after connecting with SellerSlice, a full-service Amazon agency based in Seattle, Shapermint began adopting several new marketing strategies to enhance its organic traffic with the expertise and weight of SellerSlice behind them. 

Duke Kroll, founder of SellerSlice and former Amazon marketing executive, said “We were very excited to get started with Shapermint and show them the effectiveness of some of our proprietary strategies and tactics for quickly increasing traffic and revenue in the Amazon space.” He further added, “We also wanted to help Shapermint achieve its overarching goal of becoming a household name in women’s supportive wear.”

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

Up until this time, Shapermint—relying mostly on Amazon’s organic traffic—was not really leveraging targeted advertising for its brand or utilizing Amazon’s powerful ad console designed to engage customers through every stage of the shopping journey on its platform. So, as a starting point, SellerSlice immediately implemented several foundational advertising campaigns through the console to attract customers and increase high-quality, targeted traffic.

SellerSlice’s operations team also worked to optimize and enhance Shapermint’s multiple backend product listings using keywords, copy, infographics, visuals, and special content to make them more attractive to traffic and increase conversions upon arriving. SellerSlice spearheaded a full content overhaul of Shapermint’s detail pages and storefront to create a better customer experience that made it easier for consumers to make positive buying decisions.

Additionally, SellerSlice implemented brand protection campaigns, keyword campaigns, and automatic targeting campaigns for the brand as well as each of its products to maximize the effectiveness of Amazon’s advertising console. Moreover, SellerSlice created a strategic sales and promotional approach aligned with the advertising strategy to increase rankings, overall monthly sales, and to make Shapermint a household brand name on Amazon. With these layered marketing strategies, SellerSlice covered every possible base and angle for Shapermint.

This strategic approach positively impacted both rankings and sales through the synergy and confluence of the following factors:

  • Optimizing detail pages to increase organic sales
  • Increasing organic rank to #1 in the top product categories
  • Collecting and keeping the product reviews above a 4.5 rating
  • Earning Best Seller and Amazon Choice badges for top selling products in relevant categorie
  • Conducting A/B testing of multiple product features
  • Initiating strategic pricing strategies
  • Implementing promotional and coupon strategies
    Increasing cart size


“The results for the initial 90-day implementation and foundational building period have been nothing short of phenomenal,” according to Duke Kroll. 

When SellerSlice started working with Shapermint in November 2020, ad impressions were 24 million with total ad sales at $491,000 and total account sales peaking at $902,885. However, by March 2021, ad impressions increased to 61 million, total ad sales skyrocketed to $904,000, and overall account sales came in at $1.6 million for the month of March alone. Total ordered product sales increased by 24%.

With this accelerated momentum, SellerSlice continued to innovate and work hard for the Shapermint brand on Amazon. For the rest of 2021 and going into 2022, the team at SellerSlice continued to create new campaigns while optimizing bidding, competitor, and keyword targeting.

To be even more effective, SellerSlice utilized Amazon’s new campaign types—video marketing, creative image sponsored brand ads, and sponsored display ads. As a result, in October 2021, Shapermint grossed over $2.1 million in sales—nearly doubling its sales revenue from the previous year. 

Continued optimizations to both advertising campaigns and product detail pages has resulted in a substantial increase in the clickthrough rate (CTR), month-over-month, in both 2021 and 2022. The return on advertising spend (ROAS) is now consistently at or over 3.65 or 365% with ad sales continuing to grow. Monthly ad attributed sales increased enormously by 393% while total ordered product sales increased a healthy 96% from what it was in 2020.

As a result of SellerSlice’s hard work and multi-pronged approach, Shapermint is currently the top brand among its competitors in the Amazon marketplace. The enormous increase in sales, rankings, and cart size growth has really made Shapermint realize its goal of becoming a household name on the platform.  


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