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Smart Baking Company


Started by a Dutch family in 2015, the Smart Baking Company located in central Florida, had a unique idea: the strong belief that both “healthy” and “fun” could go together inseparably at an affordable price. The ultimate challenge for this family was to create an assortment of high-quality baked goods that would not only be super healthy but taste absolutely delicious―the way fun food really should. As the family was known to say, “We think that a healthy burger deserves a healthy bun to hold it. We believe that a cake can be healthy.”
For the Smart Baking Company, healthy translated into several layered components baked directly into their delicious product design. All their baked goods are NON-GMO; gluten, starch, and sugar-free; and nutrient dense. All products are loaded with vitamins B1, 6, 12, and C+E. They also include omega-3 fatty acids with zero digestible carbs.
After much testing, tasting, and scrupulous development, the Smart Baking Company successfully launched three lines of products―Smartbun®, Smartcake®, and Smartmuf’n™. Each of these lines come in a menagerie of delicious flavors. They even offer a selection of Smart Baking Subscriptions for their customers and fanbase that include Cake Love, Keto Bundle, Bun Love, and Sun Rise.
Since its founding, the Smart Baking Company family has grown to a team of more than 60 in their flagship bakery in Sanford, Florida. They have also sold nearly 5 million cakes, buns, and muffins to-date.


With a successful bakery goods business growing in multiple channels both online and off, the Smart Baking Company wanted to make a push to increase their brand presence and sales in one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world―Amazon. Up until now they had been doing well, but always thought they could do even better with a little extra help and push. So, the Smart Baking Company connected with SellerSlice―an agency specializing in growth and increased sales in digital market spaces like Amazon

Duke Kroll, a former Amazon marketing executive and founder of the agency, said “We were so happy to have the opportunity to work with this very unique company and help their brand achieve new levels of growth in the Amazon Marketplace. All three of their products have now hit best seller status.”
“With an enhanced online marketing strategy coupled with our expertise in advanced product optimization, Diono should place near the top of their category in the Amazon Marketplace and as a result enjoy significant increases in sales.”
Duke Kroll, CEO of SellerSlice

The SellerSlice Impact

SellerSlice began their work with the Smart Baking Company in May 2020. The first order of business was to do a full evaluation of the company’s three major products and formulate a sales and optimization strategy of their listings in the Amazon Marketplace. To drive traffic and optimize the product pages for Smartbun®, Smartcake®, and Smartmuf’n™, SellerSlice focused the majority of its efforts on creating best in class content for these pages while streamlining the consumer shopping experience. This included substantial reengineering of textual and visual elements on the pages to attract consumers seeking healthy and nutritionally dense snacks.
Optimizing listings in Amazon involves several tactics that if done right will increase targeted traffic through searches that ultimately lead to conversions and increased sales of products. To do this, high-quality visual assets, including relevant infographics, were created and seamlessly blended into the product listings along with optimized text placement focusing specifically on titles and descriptions.
Along with this, SellerSlice made sure to strategically sprinkle in the top keywords searched for by consumers of healthy baked products. Metadata for the listings were appropriately adjusted to make these products easier to find in Amazon’s highly competitive and comprehensive catalog of products.


After SellerSlice reengineered and optimized all the product listings for the Smart Baking Company in the Amazon Marketplace there were significant results. For starters, all three products are now Amazon Best Sellers for their category. Prior to SellerSlice’s work, only one product had achieved best seller status. Also, in October 2020, the Smart Banking Company had several of its best sales days in the company’s history. On Prime Day they hit over 11K in sales. Prime Day is an annual deal event exclusively for Amazon Prime members, delivering two days of special savings on tons of items.
A comparison of metrics between 2019 and 2020 when SellerSlice executed their work, also demonstrates sharp increases in revenue, units sold, and average order value (AOV). Amazon revenue for the Smart Baking Company went from $1,067,592 in 2019 to $1,548,446 in 2020. This represented a whopping increase of 45%. Units sold were 38,238 in 2019 and they increased to 51,329 in 2020. An increase of 34%. The AOV in in 2019 was $30.00 and increased to $32.42 in 2020.


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