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Twin Peaks Ingredients

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Twin Peaks Ingredients

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Twin Peaks Ingredients offers optimum foods for healthy lifestyles. They offer six flavors of Protein Puffs– airy, savory snacks for those who want to pack more protein into their diet.


The Sports Nutrition industry is saturated with protein products. 

Twin Peaks Ingredients’ Protein Puffs push the limits of conventional protein consumption but despite their innovative product, they still weren’t getting the attention they needed. 

They wanted a simple solution to make them stand out from the crowd. Enter SellerSlice.

“It was so wonderful, letting go of Amazon and knowing it was being worked properly. We have weekly telecons and discuss any open items and goals. Sellerslice is a well-tuned machine. We can’t say enough.”

The SellerSlice Impact

Once SellerSlice began working with Twin Peak Ingredients, we immediately went to work optimizing their listings, ensuring healthy inventory levels and implementing a customized marketing program to drive sales. Currently, we’re expanding their reach to the EU, Canada, and Mexico. We are also expanding their sales to With our innovative approach, we brought Twin Peaks Ingredients’ marketplace presence to the next level.

We are expanding Twin Peak Ingredients to:


We increased Twin Peak Ingredients’ revenue by 288% in less than six months. We increased their page views by over 394%. By dramatically impacting page traffic, we’re creating brand recognition and loyalty. With our data, we predict Twin Peaks Ingredients’ sales to continue rising. Marketplace optimization is what we do best. We’ve taken the steps to build Twin Peak Ingredients’ marketplace presence, and we know how to take them further


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