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Amazon: Conversion: The Metric That Shows How Awesome Your Brand Is

In the world of eCommerce conversion is king. It doesn’t matter how many people you send to a listing, or how much inventory you have available. What matters is if you can persuade a

customer to purchase your product. Maintaining a compelling unique selling proposition (USP), highly engaging content, and presenting the consumer with instant gratification is a necessity. Here is how to do just that in 2020.

  1. Streamline the consumer experience: Customers won’t rummage for your product, especially if they already know what they’re looking for. Once they’re on Amazon, it should be easy to search your product, identify the listing and see every option available. Many brands struggle to solve this issue. KraftHeinz, who has more than 7,000 ASINS originally grappled with streamlining their consumer experience before seeking us out. It is simple, time-consuming and completely necessary for conversion.
  2. Consistent branding: Every time a consumer is engaging with your product they should know it’s your brand. As you expand across all listing and marketplaces, inconsistent branding will create a lower conversion rate. Customers enjoy engaging with brands they know and love, but they have a certain expectation of each brand. If they’re buying protein puffs they want the same experience expected on-site as on Amazon. Make sure you are giving your customers the best experience on every platform by ensuring effective brand representation.
  3. Engaging content: The truth is that people like to be entertained, and they don’t like to read. Make it easy for them to engage with your content by limiting the amount of text. Visually stimulating pictures and videos attract attention and make the little breaks of reading even desirable. Increase your overall conversion rate by making your content effortlessly digestible.
  4. Reviews, reviews, reviews: Amazon is the platform of choice for consumer research. This means people are looking closely at your reviews whether they are in-store, or online. A review strategy is imperative. How are you ensuring a product launches with ample reviews? How are you continuing their growth? There are several black and white options but you must ensure you have a method. Simple go-to’s include the Early Reviewer Program and purchase follow-ups. Either way, pick a strategy and drive it so consumers can see just how sensational your brand is.
  5. People are asking questions. Answer them: On Amazon, people constantly ask about your product and many brands leave it to other shoppers to answer. This is wrong. This is an opportunity to educate and deliver optimal value to new consumers. Engage them and provide real answers that show you care. This will make them buy time and time again.

These are just some simple tips to help drive your overall eCommerce strategy. Conversion optimization is so important, it should be a focal point within your organization. If you do not know how to execute the above for your brand, give us a call. We can help!

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