The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is at the top of everyone’s minds. Whether we are grocery shopping, talking to our friends and family, or running our businesses. We are constantly questioning ourselves and trying to ensure that we are making all the right moves to continue our success. Our advice, stop telling yourself stories. Get your hands dirty and drive your business! Economic transitions like this create opportunity. It is time to take advantage and bring your business to the next level. Here are some excuses I have heard for not being successful right now. Let’s debunk them!


My Product Does Not Meet the Current Pandemic Demand

False. Any product can meet the demand of today’s consumers. It’s about how you alter the content and marketing to meet the demand. Let’s use the brand Geeni and their smart home technology as an example: “consumers are not looking to smarten up their homes in times like these.” That may be a true statement, but let’s flip the script. People may not be looking to by an Alexa enabled coffee maker, but they are looking for security and boredom relief in uncertain/sedentary times. This is an opportunity to both capitalize and fill a trending need. We suggested tailoring their marketing and content strategy to focus on these key concerns and push the right products. We highlighted the excitement behind installing and using products such as security cameras, or

multicolored light bulbs. We then marketed the products as boredom relief and security enhancement features for the consumer’s home. By making adjustments like this, boredom and security are both acknowledged, and your product now fits the demand that supposedly did not exist. With our help, Geeni has been able to quickly pivot their strategy to stay relevant and bring value to their demographic while also staying empathetic to the growing pandemic concern.





My product has been blocked from sending into FBA till April 5th

Great! Time to see how robust your internal logistics team is and improve there. If Amazon has prevented you from sending in inventory, then you need to merchant fulfill all items. This is simple to do in Seller Central. If you do not have a seller account, then you need to create one. This will provide you with access to Amazon rates for Small Parcel Shipments for both USPS and FedEx, and allow you to set up Merchant offers so that you can still supply inventory to your loyal consumers and grow your brand. Again, focus on how you meet the demand, how you get products into the hands of your customers, and you will ultimately continue to drive your sales.


I am no longer receiving purchase orders in Vendor Central.

This is opportunity knocking on your door! Many brands have gotten comfortable in Vendor Central and that makes sense from a cash flow perspective, but generally not from a control or margin stance. If you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and plenty of Amazon PO’s in your future, then it’s time to pivot and look into Seller Central. Our partner Ecco Bella looked to us for guidance here, and with our help they have established a seller account where they are able to provide Merchant Fulfilled shipping options to their customers. With our help, they were able to send in FBA inventory right away. They did not have to wait to schedule a shipment for after the 5th. They are meeting their customer demands and have even developed a slight addiction to Seller Central. Why? They have price control, access to better data, access to the same marketing and content programs, a better UX experience, enhanced forecasting and logistics insight, and most important, higher margins.


Our mission at SellerSlice is to look at every obstacle as an opportunity. The above challenges are what we are hearing from numerous brands. Don’t ever let obstacles like these hinder you. If you do, then you are fabricating a story that will ultimately lead to your brand’s demise. Instead create an internal monologue for your brand focused on pivoting and driving success. Which story are you going create for your business? Will it be a story of hardship and failure, or a story of success and triumph?

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