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Looking to leverage Amazon’s advertising platform, but not quite sure how to navigate it? Well, then look no further…

We’re leaders in digital marketing; so, we know exactly what it takes to get your products in the spotlight. Combine that with our unrivaled understanding of Amazon’s advertising capabilities…and you’ve got yourself a formula for success.


Amazon Marketing Services

Full Account Management

Through our Dedicated Strategy Services, clients can benefit from extra marketing support without committing to our full account management services. From concept to execution, work alongside some of the boldest players in the industry as we deploy effective marketing strategies hosted solely within the Amazon marketplace.  

Even better, with our cost-effective pricing structure you can boost traffic and increase sales without having to worry about cutting into your bottom line. 


Discover more about how you can benefit from our Advantage Amazon Advertising Services today! 


What our clients are saying

  • BLK

    Signing up with SellerSlice was painless. No more lengthy contracts to read through, all main points are clear and concise. In the world of digital there's no time to delay or get bogged down. This technology, simply put, works!

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    George CTO blk.

  • Dermasuri

    We have been so pleased with the entire SellerSlice team's level of professionalism, responsiveness, proactive approaches, and thought leadership in the e-comm/Amazon space. Within a month, we immediately saw tangible results for our listing -- now becoming a top 10 product in our category. Their collective experience combined with their work ethic creates such huge impact for companies like us who have been facing challenges navigating the complex and ever-changing e-comm/Amazon world. We couldn't ask for a better team to partner and grow with. Given the amazing results we had on our US listing, we are now partnering with them to expand to other countries!

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    Melody A. (CEO)

  • Blue Evolution

    SellerSlice has been integral to our explosive growth on Amazon. Their unparalleled knowledge of analytics, operations, and marketing coupled with their attention to detail and rapid response times has made a world of difference. I'd recommend to anyone looking to build an Amazon presence.

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    Justin Pratt - National Sales Manager at Blue Evolution.

  • Earth Easy

    We've been working with SellerSlice over a year now and we couldn't be happier. They have been able to consistently meet our ACOS goals and have also been a great help when we ran into roadblocks with Amazon (listing issues, account management, etc). What's impressive is that they are able to meet our goals without much management, which has freed up our bandwidth to focus on higher level tasks to scale our business. Thanks SellerSlice.

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    Joseph R. Chan - Key Accounts Manager at Eartheasy.

  • Diono

    Diono has only been working with the team at SellerSlice for a short time. During this time the team has worked quickly to make sure that product catalogues in all Amazon Regions have been optimized and provided clear guidance for the internal team. I have been impressed with the pace of change. Our AMS campaigns have been review and optimized, and we are awaiting the results of these changes. Diono and I are confident that SellerSlice will rapidly achieve the targeted results globally.

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    Tim Maule - Chief Executive Officer at Diono.

  • Dr. Tungs

    SellerSlice has a top-class team that knows how Amazon works and thinks. They are familiar with designing, creating and managing content, listings and ads to get more visibility and sales. Unlike many so-called Amazon management companies, SellerSlice does not try to hustle or earn money buying and selling your products on Amazon. They are specialists, your white-collar Amazon marketing team that works with know-how and skill to help your company gain traction on Amazon and other platforms.

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    Colin Davis - CCO at DrTung's Inc.

  • SisterSage

    Are you ready to take your business to the next level on Amazon? Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need a complete Marketing Agency that can do it all. From Ads, SEO, graphic design, and everything digital marketing. SellerSlice has been a huge difference maker for our small business. Their staff are great to work with, and they are always there for their clients 100%.

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    Marc Fendel at Sister Sage Herbs.

  • ADJ

    We really enjoy working with SellerSlice, they have greatly simplified working with larger accounts and know how to maximize the marketing ad spend on these platforms. The entire team works with us to effectively manage these accounts from beginning to end!.

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    Brad Reid - Key account manager at American DJ Group of companies.

  • Grendene

    As a client for the last 2 years with 4 brands transitioned from vendor central to seller central by SellerSlice, I would gladly recommend their services (and have) to anyone that wants to maximize their business on amazon.com. I started with little to no knowledge of the different selling formats available on Amazon and now, thanks to the SellerSlice team, feel link  i can explain the differences to anybody that asks. They held my hand through the entire process ad allowed me to ask hundreds of less than smart questions with biblical-level patience and understanding. while the transition was at times tedious and difficult,  it has paid off in many ways, not the least of which are increased sales, increased margins and much more control over map policies.

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    John Linnehan - Director of Sales and Merchandising at Grendene USA.

  • Geeni

    SellerSlice has been an amazing resource for us when it comes to selling on Amazon. Their knowledge and understanding of the Amazon Marketplace has gotten us through countless obstacles. Having a team like SellerSlice work with us has been a great advantage when navigating how to be successful in Amazon. Their team has been huge with listing optimization and advertising has help our account meet and exceed our goals.

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    Gary Beyda, E-Commerce Director at Merkury Innovations/ Geeni Smarthome.

  • Smart Baking Co

    SellerSlice has been a solid partner in our efforts to grow our Amazon business. Their customer service and attention to our account has been world class.

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    Dave Heuvel

  • YoRo Naturals

    The SellerSlice team has been a lifesaver when selling on Amazon marketplaces. Their inventory and listing management services have given me such peace of mind, knowing that their team is ready and able to power through and get things done with Amazon when I have hit such roadblocks in the past. As far as advertising goes, I have been very impressed with their expertise and also eagerness to try new strategies. I know they have my business' best interests in mind and that is priceless. Nourish your skin and be well.  

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    Jennifer Roberge, Owner The Eczema Company

  • Trafilea

    SellerSlice is everything your brand needs to grow your business in Amazon. Personalized support, ambition, and commitment to achieve great things together, most than a vendor, a partner

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    Lucas Vera , Co – founder | Research & Strategy Insights at Trafilea


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