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Amazon: How Amazon’s AWS is Elevating Brands Across the Globe

On December 2nd, 2019, Amazon published a press release titled “Best Western Hotels and Resorts Go All-In on AWS” detailing the international lodgings partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Connect. AWS is Amazon’s IT management service, equipped with cloud computing platforms, and application programming interface (API)

The multifaceted hotel brand plans to utilize Amazon Connect to make booking easier for those requiring support around the world. Their plan to use AWS includes Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend for speech to text transfiguration and to better personalize the guest experience.  Based on guest booking patterns, Best Western intends to offer individualized guidance to its near-40 million members apart of the hotel’s loyalty program. Their move from the previous database to Amazons Aurora will also accelerate hotel reservation processing.

Along with Best Western, companies such as Western Union, GE Appliances, and Time Magazine now operate with AWS. Keeping in tune with customer compatibility is an ample outcome of Amazons cloud services, but it isn’t the only thing brands desire from the famed company. The digital revamping that envelopes when enabling these services creates a better working environment for both employees and business owners.

Your brand can apply AWS to all aspects of your business. Sage Maker, Amazon’s fully administered cloud machine-learning platform builds, trains and stations ML models, with predictive analytics that allow for faster innovation. AWS also offers Cost Management, which analyzes your AWS cost and use, customization of budgets, and more.

Since its inception in 2006, Amazon Web Services remains the leading cloud platform across the globe. With 165 fully-featured services with the likes of application integration, machine learning, and developer tools, and its ever-expanding regions, its no wonder many big names are deciding to tap into the world of AWS.

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