At Seller Slice we are “The Marketplace Agency,” and our staff has been selling on Amazon
basically since the platform launched.

If you are looking to sell more units, you absolutely need to understand how to properly optimize
your listings. You can have the most effective marketing plan that sends thousands of
customers to your listings a day, but you will not convert sales like you could with a poorly
structured listing.

Picture this, your listing is your product on Amazon’s digital shelf. The reviews are a book of
other people’s opinions of your product hanging from a wire like a phone book in a phone booth.
Does your listing tell the complete story of your product and brand? A bad first impression most
of the time means a customer lost forever.

A complete optimized listing should consist of:

  • Properly structured title
  • Your brand’s USP (unique selling proposition)
  • A clean clear description of your product embedded with key words
  • The ingredients
  • The directions
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Safety warnings
  • Infographics
  • Product details (weight, dimensions…)
  • A 30-45 second how to use video (1280x720px resolution) (yes you can upload a longer
    video, but trust us 30-45 seconds is the sweet spot)
  • Subscribe & Save
  • A+ content
  • Enough authentic positive reviews
  • Video reviews, testimonies, influencer content, branded videos

Showcase why a potential customer should purchase your brand over the hundreds of other
products similar to yours. There are hundreds of millions of things to purchase on Amazon, you
need to make sure your listings are engaging, whole, and stand out.

Seller Slice optimizes listings for it’s clients by leveraging Amazon standards, and using an
in-house proprietary strategy.

Consider the fact that 72% of Amazon shoppers are mobile shoppers, and understanding how
to optimize your listing for them is vital for success. With that being cleared up, the 3 most
important parts of your Amazon listings are your:

  • Title
  • Images
  • Reviews

The copy in your product should not be neglected either, this is huge for SEO and conversion .
When a potential client lands on your listing they should have a clear description and
understanding of how to use your products.

Of course there are so many other moving parts to having a successful Amazon store. You
have to understand how to forecast inventory, decide if you are going to be FBA, and develop a
marketing strategy to actually get people to your listings.

If you have any questions about your Amazon store or would like your listing audited by an
expert, reach out to Seller Slice