Influencer Marketing

Our Approach

Influencer Marketing, especially in a vastly unregulated industry, can easily become time-consuming and tedious for brands. Luckily, we’ve developed strategies and fundamentals to make the whole process straightforward. 


We Work Globally

Our Process

Brands trust us because we deliver satisfactory results time and time again. Our experts use your brand’s design and objectives to construct a full proof campaign. We know the ins and outs of Influencer Marketing, which means we know the best methods. Our specialists will pioneer unique and distinctive content to continuously increase your engagement. 

We share real relationships with flexible and collaborative influencers because we know the possibilities are endless. After you approve our campaign, we search for the world’s best content creators to share your brand’s story with their followers. 

Analytics: Our team offers 24/7 accessible insight and data so your brand can see real-time campaign results. 

Full Service Influencer Agency

Successful influencer marketing is resource-intensive. That’s why Reactifi invests in all the right tools.

  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • “Social” Experiential
  • Social Management and Growth
  • Start up Incubator Program
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Content,Video Content, Commercial
  • Cross-channel social engagements
  • (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Industry-leading insights
  • Cross-platform video views
  • In-depth Facebook insights.
  • Impression data
  • Top Infuencer performance
  • Top Content
    Hashtag Analysis
  • Audience Demographics
  • Real-Time Campaign Reporting


We paired Artisana’s MCT Oil, a launch which prompted slow sales originally, with Instagram’s influencer: realandvibrant. When we leveraged those 153,000 followers, Artisana saw an 863% growth in overall Amazon sales. 

Some of Our Previous Work


This is How We Deliver

What Separates Us From The Rest


50 Years of Combined Experience


Multi-Faceted Strategies


Adaptive, white-glove, comprehensive campaign management


In-house content creation


We’re KPI focused, which means we’ll always meet your KPI goals.


Experts in weeding out influencer scams and synthetic users.


We provide leading brand safety and legal contracting.