Marketplace Expansion

Our Approach

Don’t get us wrong, we love Amazon, but we know how to tango with other platforms too. Expand your online sales beyond Amazon to Jet, Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, and more with our innovative marketplace expansion strategies. You will reach new customer bases, meaning more sales and more brand recognition. Go even further and bring your products to the international level. Our team will transform your eCommerce presence for every new region for the greatest possible impact.

Multiple Marketplaces

eBay has 170+ million active users. Alibaba sells to 190 countries. Rakuten is a leading electronic eCommerce platform. We specialize in seven of the world’s leading marketplaces so you can maximize your reach as an online seller. These days, consumers spread out across the eCommerce world. Capture both the consumers that are loyal to one platform and the consumers that hop around.

International Sales

¿Desea capturar una base de consumidores aún más amplia? That’s right, we speak Spanish. We will transform your listings to fit into international markets, both in language and in customs. Worried about the logistics? Don’t be—we take care of all the intricate details that go into selling overseas. Kick back and watch the sales roll in.

Maximize Your Brand.
We Make It Easy.

“Quote: You want to crush it on Amazon? You need a specialist. Seller Slice delivers! Their team provides full digital media services, including influencer and social media. They work closely with their clients, and spend time at the Amazon campus every week! Hire the real insider professionals: Seller Slice. Thank me later.





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