Marketplace Management

Our Approach

Digital marketplaces generate over $1 trillion dollars each year and are predicted to generate $6 trillion on average by 2022. If you are not pouring resources into your brand’s online shopping experience, you’re behind the curve—but don’t panic, we are here to help. With over 50 years of combined experience, our eCommerce marketing experts know how to overhaul your catalog for more views and more sales than ever before. On average, we improve online sales by 43%. Don’t let that 43% slip away.

Content Creation

We revamp your listings with new strategetic content. Our team of creatives make listings that are consumer-friendly and search engine optimized. Written content focuses on your products’ unique features and includes critical keywords. We round out your listings by highlighting your brand’s identity with infographics, videos, and A+ content. All of this comes together to create an engaging eCommerce shopping experience.

Back End Optimization

A disorganized catalog can lead to missed revenue, logistical problems, and pulled listings. We organize your back end information so your operations run smoothly. KraftHeinz partnered with us to fix their catalog and optimize their listings. Their catalog was riddled with incorrect information, misidentified products, and duplicates. Due to this poor back end data, they were missing out on millions of dollars from Amazon in chargebacks. Our approach brought their back end data score from 32% to 95%, drastically reducing their chargebacks and correcting damaging mistakes.

We did it for them—we will do it for you.

Logistics Management

Lost products, angry customers, low inventory—a thing of the past. We will take over your marketplace logistics to ensure everything gets where it needs to go, the first time around. We keep track of your inventory and orders so you will always know when your stock is running low. Anytime issues pop up with shipments, we take care of that too.      

Maximize Your Brand.
We Make It Easy.

“Joining forces with SellerSlice to begin our Amazon Journey was the best
thing, as a company that we could have done. Their expertise in all areas
of Amazon has proved most valuable for us. SellerSlice is a full service
partner who not only thinks of the standard selling issues, but also
understands and supports areas such as Social Media, promo campaigns and influencers etc. All the fun support details that we did not at first
think of. The wonderful staff and their commitment to excellence as
marketplace experts has been an incredible benefit to us as a fast growing
Amazon seller.