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Amazon: Megastore Amazon Sets up For Biggest Cyber Monday Yet

Amazon’s latest Press release “Here’s the Deal: A Sneak Peek at Amazon’s Biggest Cyber Monday Deals Weekend Ever” entails lists of hidden shopping gems, as well as their big announcement deals. Amazon is legging up from last year, preparing more deals and more ways for consumers to receive them. Even including those who want to cash in on the same deals and experience the holidays outdoors and on their feet by providing a link to finding the closest physical store near you.

Instead of braving the mass crowds this Black Friday, many avid Holiday shoppers are choosing to open their wallets from the comfort of their own sofas. This creates separate conditions and expectations from that of Black Friday, but still allows brands and consumers to experience both at different levels.

On Cyber Monday, brands behold the opportunity to reach the masses of people who just won’t fit in a storefront. And since Amazon considers the entire weekend a deals-galore leading up to the big day, brands have a larger time-frame and playing ground for potential traffic.

According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated “68 million shoppers” will be participating in the 72-hour long event (Amazon 2019). Since so many businesses are focused on traditional Black Friday, brands can also enjoy fewer competitors the following Monday.

In order to connect better with the increasing amount of tech-savvy buyers, the megastore included different ways to make the holiday shopping experience even easier. Accessibility can be as easy as asking your Alexa what the latest deals are.

Amazon even geared up for the holidays by preparing deals all-year-round with a favorite health food store. Whole Foods Market shoppers who use Prime share an additional 10% off hundreds of products, as well as other holiday discounts.

Respecting the holiday season and all its consumers, Amazon has also made quite a few efforts to express gratitude for the working world around them.

Amazon understands that customers want to trust the platform in which they shop so they’ve included a “Shop With Purpose This Holiday Season” section which allows buyers to choose any of three options for charitable donations. The first being AmazonSmile, a widespread stream of products through your selected charity or organization.

The warm feeling of gift-giving all around creates a sense of deeper connectivity for not only the megastore and its consumers, but also families and philanthropic opportunities as the winter progresses.

If you’re looking for ways to leverage your brand and connect the most with your consumers this holiday season, feel free to contact us. One of our specialists will set up a call, review your strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and provide suggestions and insight. Get the most out of your brand this festive season!

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