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Amazon Fee and Inventory Reconciliation

Amazon Fee and Inventory Reconciliation

Multi-point comprehensive audit + Manual case logging & regular tracking = Maximum refunds for you.

Our compreshensive audit process reviews every single possiblity where you may be shortchanged. The multi-point audit process, which breaks down into over 20 checkpoints, is a combination of our proprietary softwre and manual SOPs, which leavs no stones unturned in adding up your reimbursements.

Service Features: 

  • Comprehensive audit of Amazon fee discrepancies (losses, damages, disposals, returns, refunds, missing inbound units, fee overcharges, FBA order fees and Long Term Storage fees)
  • Reconciliation case submission and follow-up system with a dedicated best-in-class team
  • Dynamic tactical fee review assessment and audit system to adjust to Amazon’s policy changes. 
Tactical Amazon Fee Audit: 
  • Lost and Misplaced Inventory – Units lost in the Amazon warehouse.
  • Returns and Refunds – Inventory that has not been returned after Amazon processes the refund. 
  • Damaged Inventory – Inventory damaged in Amazon’s fulfillment centers from the intake process.
  • Incorrect/Overcharged FBA Fees – Incorrect warehouse storage and category fees.
  • Missing Inbound Inventory – Units lost or missing from inbound shipments into Amazon’s fulfillment centers.


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