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Amazon: So, You Have Amazon Mastered, Right? What About Walmart?

Amazon accounts for more than half of all online sales and it should be your most important online sales channel. However, you should not be ignoring other prominent sales channels like, eBay, Home Depot. etc. Walmart alone saw a 43% growth in sales in 2019 and that trend is not slowing. They are fighting for second place with the likes of eBay. What are you doing as a brand owner to capitalize on the opportunity that is Walmart? If you’re doing nothing, then you are already failing. If you have built a successful Amazon strategy the next logical move for your US online sales strategy should be to drive For many brands this is unknown territory and excuses are being made as to why they are remaining sedentary and not pushing the envelope. Let’s debunk this shit!

I fill out the application, get no response, and I don’t know what to do next

What do you mean you don’t know what to do next? You are calling it quits after filling out an application? That is sales suicide! There are a million different routes you can take. What you’re encountering here is an obstacle, and the good news is that every single obstacle can be overcome. Here are some key actions to take:

  • Use LinkedIn as a resource to find Category Specialists who work at Walmart.
  • Reach out to other brands who have successful Walmart strategies in place for Walmart.
  • Contract an agency that has the relationships already in place to get you onboarded with Walmart.
  • Follow up daily via support to get the status (Walmart is stereotypically unresponsive).

Implementing one or all of these key actions will ensure that you are able to get a Walmart account setup and in place. Don’t take no for an answer, and keep pushing until you get what you want.

They denied me because of my sales on Amazon, or my content on Amazon

Well, then maybe your Amazon strategy does suck, and you aren’t ready for Walmart. This means you need to adjust your focus back to Amazon and see what you are doing wrong on that front. Here are the key things WalMart is looking for with your amazon content:

  1. Current monthly sales on the platform. Each category has a baseline.
  2. Reviews. Reviews. Are they good? Are they bad? How many are there?
  3. Overall shop-ability of your Amazon presence. Basically, do you care about how your brand looks and will it convert traffic to sales?
  4. Finally, this does well on Amazon, but do we think it will do well on Walmart.

If you can check yes on all 4 of these key success indicators for Walmart, then you will be approved with no problem (be aware that communication will still be an issue). However, if there is an element missing then your Amazon strategy is not optimized, and you have your answer. Walmart is not getting back to you because of 1,2, 3 or 4. But, that also tells you what is wrong with

your Amazon strategy and what you need to fix before approaching Walmart. So, go fix it, or get someone to fix it for you and start the Walmart process over again.

I think I have an active application: no feedback, no response and no interest

Don’t give up! Ultimately, you need to address issues with either your Amazon strategy or your website. Remember that Walmart WANTS you to be a part of their site because they make money on that too. Go back through the steps we’ve outlined for you in this article and. If all boxes are checked and you still don’t know where the problem is, then it’s time take action. Sitting around just waiting for something to happen will lead to zero results. Action is key to your success. Find someone in your life who will be brutally honest with you about your listings and your website. If you don’t have anyone, give us a call here at SellerSlice. That’s what we do best.

Being proactive, resilient and resourceful are crucial success skills for any brand owner. Without those abilities, I wouldn’t even think of running my own business! At SellerSlice we always remain vigilant, proactive and push the envelope. We will get projects done that others give up on because giving up is not an option for us! Getting your product on Walmart is one of these projects. Hopefully this article sheds light on the action steps you need to take in order to get on the platform. If you don’t have the time, or the ability to get this crucial piece of your business going, then reach out to us and we will get it done for you!

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