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Amazon: What Are the Benefits of Brands “Going Green”?

In a press release describing Amazon’s span from the U.S. to Spain,  the tech giant introduced three new projects supporting its climate pledge to be carbon-free by 2040. Motivated to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years ahead of time, the company also aims for 80% renewable energy by 2024, and the full 100% by 2030.

Amazon understands that with the weight it carries, it’s important to be conscious of the global footprint it leaves behind. And it’s determined that investing in renewable energy is the best way to accomplish those means. Currently, the company predicts its project in Spain will supply enough renewable energy to fill over 67,000 homes.

Just as renewable energy is efficient, it’s also a magnet for environmentally-conscious consumers. A study from the Global Web Index provides that 53 percent of consumers worldwide prefer products and services from brands that establish trust by representing an ecological carbon-footprint.

But who are these environmentally friendly customers? The highest percentages of these green-savvy consumers reside in China at 67%, Australia at 52%, and Sweden with 46%. Digital consumers come in at a staggering 50%. And the primary age group is usually young adults, those who are often convinced to go green by their children. Additionally, most of them are women who often purchase items for men.

What’s more, is this growing demographic doesn’t expect companies to be perfect. Green consumers generally just look for businesses that are moving forward with new ecological commitments.

Most of them actually lack adequate education about environmental affairs and are skeptical of their own ability to research scientific figures. Fortunately for brands, when this information is brought to them from products they love, they’re motivated to learn.

Brands can utilize this education gap to connect with consumers as its one of the most successful marketing strategies. Understanding this customer base can bring forth a plethora of marketing opportunities for companies as well as a better working environment for employees.

Apart from the benefits of a healthy consumer base, brands may also enjoy reduced expenses and elevated employee morale. According to the survey provided by the Global Web Index, eight out of ten employees prefer working in ecologically-sound organizations.

Additionally, going green means beating environmental protection laws to the punch. If applicable eco-friendly laws don’t already exist, they’re well on their way. Luckily, there are many incentives for brands jumping on the bandwagon.


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