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Amazon: What Makes Amazon’s Holiday Season So Successful?  

Christmas is filled with visuals consumers eagerly anticipate all year round. Reds, greens and  tinsel-filled trees attract the eyes of children and adults alike. So satisfying the Christmas craving of the  masses is exactly what many successful brands plan on every year.     It’s important for brands to truly encompass all this season’s about. From the nostalgia that  swells and surrounds December nights to the family gatherings, religious celebrations, gift-giving, and  decorating, brands should be aware of every opportunity they can grab hold of.     Every year Amazon transforms into a Christmas emporium by rolling every festive season out  with new products, fashion gift guides, and gift sets. The company also ramps up customer excitement  with a Black Friday countdown, a live holiday toy list, and quirky stocking stuffers.     Even if you don’t plan on designing limited edition Christmas products, your brand can still  make headway with a visually stunning holiday marketing campaign. Outstanding user-generated
content creates outstanding user experiences. Keep your customers engaged and hungry for more by  creating a visual journey that feels personal.     Equally as important, brands should also understand the need for customer outreach and  timely shipping. The biggest questions from savvy shoppers are centered around their products  bought. Consumers want to know when their item shipped out, where the item is in that process, if it  will get there in time, and if there are any promo codes.     Customers don’t like waiting for these answers probably more than they don’t like waiting for  their packages to arrive. Make sure you’re reaching out and answering questions quickly and in their  preference of email, text, phone, social, or chat.     Amazon accomplishes this well because its mission is focused on customer obsession. This  promise drives the company closer and closer to being the leading customer-centric-platform.     Realizing how stressful the holidays inevitably are and seeing it as an opportunity to make the  shopping experience as painless as possible is exactly what Amazon strives to do year after year.  Amazon keeps buyers coming back by maintaining each and every one of these elements.     This year Amazon increased fast, free and convenient shipping options. The company also  created what they call “Procrastinators Delight,” a shipping option that offers one-day and same-day  delivery including more than 10 million items on Prime.     Considering the surprise element of gift-giving, Amazon now allows Prime members to use  ‘Amazon Day’ which lets customers receive items on the day of their choice instead of a potential time  they won’t be home.     Your brand doesn’t need to uphold as much as Amazon does, but it may need some help  mobilizing for this year’s holiday season. Contact us and we’ll set up a call so you can get the most out  of your brand this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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